The biggest transformation in Finance

The finance industry has undergone many transformations.

And those transformations are now disrupting a whole new set of markets:

While established markets and developed countries have embraced these innovations - emerging markets have tended to stick with traditional financial systems and banks.

However, this is starting to change.

Unbanked individuals are being seen as early adopters, of more secure financial solutions than local banks can provide.

One of the main reasons for this shift over the past five years has been the increased attention and investment in financial startups.

These are not only engaging new early adopters but also attracting the attention of big banks - who are investing heavily in understanding their users - to model the psychological factors that influence product choices.

Overall, the finance industry is seeing more education and investment in preparing for the future.

And this shift will likely accelerate, as startups and big banks work together, to better serve their users.